Membership Committee:
Membership and Volunteer Committee is responsible for annual membership and coordinates the volunteer staffing of our weekly booths at the Dillon Farmers Market and at Dillon Amphitheater events.  Members’ sales literature can be displayed and you can volunteer and have direct access to the public to promote your business for free.  All volunteers at these events are encouraged to wear their company apparel while volunteering and will be provided with DBA nametags which will also list there business’ name.  We are
establishing a Volunteer Recognition Program, where top volunteers will receive special recognition in the DBA’s Summit Daily News event advertising and/or at the events themselves.

Tony Gancev – Chairman
AnneMarie Ohly

Volunteers & Events Committee:
Events Committee has been planning events to raise money through alcohol concessions at all of the Friday night concerts at the Dillon Amphitheater, including our own Blue Grass Festival.  The Dillon Festival of Lights will also increase traffic into Dillon by expanding and enhancing the Lighting of Dillon from a one day event to a seasonal one that will make Dillon a winter destination.  The plan is to have a Festival of Lights where all businesses and residences will light up their properties from early December through mid-January.  Eventually, there will also be plans for weekend events during this time to bring visitors to the Town to view the lights and take part in these winter events.  The plan is to expand this event each year.

Jackie McPheetters – Chairwoman
Bill Falcone

Government Liaison Committee:
Government Liaison Committee has regular meetings with Town staff and the Mayor.  We also sponsored a candidates’ forum and posed many business related questions to the candidates for Mayor and Town Council.  This committee seeks Board feedback and provides that input to the Town staff and Council regarding issues the Town is working on and on issues we would like to see on the agenda.  The committee also explores ways to attract and spur development in the Town of Dillon.  This is a great way for non-resident business owners to have some say in what happens within the Town.  We are involved in all things which will affect businesses in Dillon including: signage and a highway banner designed to direct people toward Town businesses;  building code proposals; Town Core development and Lake Dillon Drive development plans; DBA partnering with the Town for upcoming summer concerts and events, including our own Blue Grass Festival, The Dillon Festival of Lights, the Dillon Farmers’ Market and Bocce ball, etc.

Bill Falcone – Chairman
Tony Gancev
Doug Pierce

Marketing (Online and Offline) Committee:
This Committee works to provide big benefits exclusive to DBA members including:

  • Co-operative print advertising opportunities in the Summit Daily News at tremendous discounts.
  • Low cost advertising through coupon flyers (ad sheets) handed out at Dillon Amphitheater events and at the Farmer’s Market.
    Free Channel 10 segments.
  • Free member business listings on the DBA web site, , which has been recently upgraded to include  category pages and which has been search engine optimized with meta tags for each page to increase web traffic to the site.  This site is also linked to and from the Town of Dillon site.
  • There is a DBA Group started on the Summit Business Network website where members can also network and advertise.
  • Members can receive discounts and added recognition on the local Resort Maps product.
  • DBA members will also be offered sponsorship opportunities during the Friday night summer concert series.

The benefit I enjoy most is the networking with the 75 members of the Association.  Attending meetings and mixers or becoming involved on a committee or the Board of Directors allows you to help shape the organization while making contact with the business owners who will someday need your products and/or services.  As a member, you will also have access to the database of members and can use the database to circulate discounts and offers directly to the membership.
Your membership dues will come back to you over and over again in advertising cost savings and added business from the benefits provided by the Marketing and Website Committee alone.

Doug Lueck – Chairman

Other Event Committees:

-Festival Of Lights
-Farmers Market

Bill Falcone – Chairman
AnneMarie Ohly