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It's time to renew your DBA membership for 2015. It's easy to do. Renew Online Today! The Dillon Business Association has been busy working for the businesses of Dillon. We've been creating and producing events to bring visitors to Dillon: The Lake Dillon Brew Festival, Friday Night Concerts, the Festival of Lights. We've also been working with Town Government to improve economic development in Dillon and streamline processes for business growth.

What's new for 2015? The Board of Directors has maintained a dialog with the Town staff and Town Council so that we can be involved in decisions relating to the direction of the economic development in Dillon. We recently helped to review and make recommendations for important changes to the parking code and are trying hard; for those changes to be approved by Council; Including both current parking restrictions and future parking needs with development. The Board has implement an online marketing consultation for members to improve their web savvy, online presence through their own websites as well as their listings on the DBA site and generally educate members on how to better market, influence and communicate through the internet. The Board is also currently planning the 2015 summer season of concerts, farmers markets and the Lake Dillon Brew Festival (June 20th).

Many items remain important issues within the Town of Dillon; among them a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) and the Dillon Urban Renewal Authority (DURA). The Town has declared Dillon "open for business" and the Dillon Business Association wishes to make that slogan come true by working with the Town government and staff to streamline the processes for improvement and development.

We have already accomplished a lot and have ambitious plans for the future. If you would like to become a Board Member, a committee member, or if you have ideas of what you would like to see the DBA do for your Dillon business please let us know.

The DBA currently represents the business community in and around Dillon. This representation gives the DBA a strong voice in Dillon government. The Board of Directors addresses issues within the Town as they arise and passes resolutions which are forwarded to the Town staff and council expressing the opinion of the Town's businesses. Being a member of the DBA gives business owners a say in local government that they might not otherwise have as non-residents.



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